P. O. Box 33, Geronimo, Texas
Mr. Terry "Ty" Wesley Baker, Esq.
B.A., M.Ed., J.D., Attorney and Counselor at Law

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Practice Areas

CPS (Child Protective Services) cases
    Mr. Baker is very selective with the family law cases that he handles, but one family law area in which he has significant interest, experience, and success is that involving Texas Child Protective Services (CPS).  If you ever get that phone call or knock on the door from CPS, your next step should likely be contacting an attorney who knows how the system works, and who can work for you to get your children and your life back to you and back to normal as soon as possible.  Mr. Baker has served for many years and still serves in several surrounding counties as both court-appointed attorney and guardian ad litem for children involved in CPS cases, as well as a court-appointed attorney ad litem for parents who are also involved in CPS cases.

Appellate Advocacy

    Just because you've lost at trial, that doesn't always mean that you will lose on appeal.  The appellate court process is the mechanism for reviewing the decisions of the trial courts of this state, where it is not unheard of that an error of law or evidence or procedure has prevented a litigant from receiving a fair and just outcome.  This area of practice is highly specialized, and Mr. Baker has significant experience and success in appellate advocacy.  If you're considering an appeal, ask your attorney whether he/she has ever prosecuted an appeal, whether he/she has prevailed on appeal, whether he/she has ever presented an appellate oral argument, and whether he/she has practiced, and been successful, not only in the intermediate appellate courts, but also in the Supreme Court of Texas and the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals, the two highest courts in Texas.  Mr. Baker can answer "yes" to all of these questions; and in addition, Mr. Baker can answer "yes" to whether he has ever won a reversal of a CPS case on appeal.

Trial Litigation
    Trial litigation is warfare--the only weapons used, however, are intellect, competence, precision, creativity, and experience.  If you're wanting to just settle a case as quickly as you can, and it's just not worth the trouble, it's probably not a case Mr. Baker will accept.  But if you truly believe in your position, and you believe that justice needs to be done and that a wrong needs to be righted, Mr. Baker and the Baker Law Office might be the choice for you.

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